About us

The origins of Graaffs Trust Limited is steeped in the history of its founders, Sir David Pieter De Villiers Graaff Bt and his brother Jacobus Graaff, and the changes taking place in South Africa at the start of the 20th century. Graaffs Trust Limited was founded to administer the diverse interests of the Graaff family and was registered with limited liability on 1 July 1905. The company’s long history and that of the Graaff family can be found in the work of Ebbe Dommisse: “Sir David Pieter de Villiers Graaff, First baronet of De Grendel”, as well as “Div Looks Back, the memoirs of Sir De Villiers Graaff” by Sir De Villiers Graaff.

Graaffs Trust Limited in the 21st century is a modern integrated trust company, which continues to administer the business and personal interests of the Graaff family, together with select private clients and trusts.

The company’s services are based on six interwoven elements, namely, ESTATE PLANNING, WILLS, TRUSTS, DECEASED ESTATE, FINANCIAL SERVICES, and TAX. The company’s professional staff are all members in good standing of various accredited industry bodies, including SAICA, STEP, FISA, SAIT and the Law Society.

Graaffs Trust Limited is a registered Trust Company, an authorised financial services provider holding both category I and II FAIS licenses, an accountable institution for FICA, is registered with the IRS as a foreign financial institution, and is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator.